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Alpha Optik optical windows are commonly used to isolate two atmospheric regions of an optical system while permitting light to pass. The quality of the window can be critical. It should be with high purity and polish in order not to affect the optical system. When large pressure differences are anticipated across the window extra thickness will be required to hold the flatness and parallelism specifications.

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Crystal Thermal Diffusion Panel

Thermal diffusion panel is the key parts of projector optical engine , which can diffuse the projector hot and let it work well… By Alpha Optik high precision double sides polishing, precision cutting, and combined technology, our Crystal thermal diffusion panel are used forLCD & Lcos projector.

Item Details
Material optical crystal, optical glass
Dimension tolerance ±0.1mm
Thickness tolerance  ±0.05mm
Transmission AR Lambda=20-680nmTave>94.5%; Lambda=50-650nm Rave<0.4%
Surface defects dot≤100µm,scratch≤10µm, edge≤0.5mm ,flatness≤3 newton, contact angle <50degree
Reliability high temperature 65℃,high humidity 90% 500Hhigh temperature storage:+85℃ 500H
low temperature storage:-40℃ 500H;thermal shock:-40℃(2.5H)~+85℃(2.5H) 10 cycles
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Standard Specification

Term specification
Diameter(Tolerance) 40 mm max. ( 0.2 mm)
Thickness(Tolerance) <0.3 mm min. ( 0.1mm)
Eccentricity ±1°
Chip dot <100 μm
single side AR coating < 1 % (420 to 680 nm)
Size Specification:
Size Specification
36×30 0.7
28×22 0.5 to 0.7
25.5×25.5 2
23.5×20 0.5 to 1.4
20×18 0.5
26×16 1.4