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Alpha Optik produce the projector lens unit cam, the film camcord lens unit and the other relative metal parts with the diameter from 20mm to 400mm. We can offer according to customer's requirement.

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Projector lens zoom lens cam

Key features:
  • Material: A5056 pipe
  • Structure: change complicatedly, with inner groove
  • Curve groove: width dimension 0.012;width changing amount 0.01,curve groove same height 0.01,position deviation ±3′,roughness Ra0.4
  • Inner hole and out circle precision: roughness Ra0.4,01;dimension tolerance after finished by lubricate paint of inner hole 0.01
  • Measuring: check the curve groove direct, groove position ±3′ is hard to measure
  • Usage: big changing times digital SLR curve cam


Projector lens parts assembly

Projector casting parts