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Milling Metal Parts


Alpha Optik can process all kinds of structural parts with complex structure and high precision,especially good at processing thin-walled parts, cam curve parts, various optical instruments, image equipment surface decoration parts, optical processing fixtures and We have our own core processing technology.

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Milling parts


Main parts and application

We could do various metal parts such as :
Lens barrel
Cam curve tube
Die-casting and Precision machining
Ferrule and plate type parts
Decorated parts
Optical auxiliary tools and installing jigs
Stainless steel parts

Mechanics machine

Alpha Optik has 1000 staff in the precision machining workshop.

The center have more than 590 processing equipments . We have 177 sets advanced CNC and test equipment bought from Japan,Germany ,Switzerland, USA,etc and 102 sets CNC machine.

CNC Machine

Camera lenses cam tube processing machine

Stamp machine

Mainly Process Material is brass alloy, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Such as C3604、Hpb59-1、A6061、A5056、LY12 and so on; Stainless steel :SUS303、F430 and so on;