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Mechanical solution overview


Alpha Optik has more than 40 years mechanical parts processing experience with the world famous equipment, we offer mold design, mold machining, precision cutting and surface treatment. Alpha Optik can process most complex frame and high precision parts, specially for thin wall parts, cam curve tubes, optical instruments, decorated parts for photography and optical auxiliaries. The mechanical processing method include the machining, turning, milling, stamping, casting, and the CNC lathe.

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Machining and milling parts

Turning and Milling black anodized parts

Brass material parts

Aluminum Casting parts

Parts on the tooling before Surface treatment

The anodized parts such like the black or other color, it should be fixed on the tooling (refer to the following pic.)before anodized, then put into the water cleaning and to do the anodizing with the other around 9 different jar. All the surface treatment processing can meet the ROHS requirement, and we have passed SONY GREEN PARTNER certification.   

Process Material
Stainless steel



300series SUS303,SUS304,SUS304L,

SUS316,SUS316L ,SUS317,SUS317L

400series SUS420J2,SUS430,SUS434
600series SUS630




Carbon steel S10C,S20C,S30C,S45C,S50C
Cr-MO SCM415,SCM435,SCM440
Ni-Cr-MO SNCM415
Special steel K,SUJ1,2,3,…,SK(1,2,3,…)
Aluminum A2011,A2017,A5052,A5056,A6061,


Cu C3600,C3604




1,Material:A5056 pipe or Japanese semi-product
2,Structure:single side wall thickness 1.25,inner hole φ60.5
3,curve groove:two types of cam curve width,same series groove width changing amount 0.01,curve groove same height 0.01,position deviation ±3′;curve groove rising changing great
4,inner hole and out circle precision:dimension tolerance 0.015,roughness Ra0.3;roundness 0.015;

5,measuring:check the curve groove direct,groove position ±3′


1,Material:Chinese A5056 pipe;
2,Structure:length 101,18 pieces of curves,wall thickness 2.3;the curve cam with the most curve grooves amount.
3,Curve groove:width changing amount 0.01,curve groove same height 0.01,position deviation ±3′
4,roughness Ra0.3,roundness 0.01
5,Measuring:check the curve groove direct, groove position ±3′ is hard to measure