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Nowadays, with the development of the times and the progress of society, the car is no longer a simple means of transportation, but it has become an indispensable part of our life. The 360 ​​° panoramic camera lens of the car is definitely the best auxiliary for the novice to reverse the car, so that the novice can clearly find the obstacles and easily find the position they want. Because each car has a different blind spot, even when the seasoned driver also met this problem, accidents caused by negligence are everywhere.

For models equipped with 360 ° panoramic lens, you can use the four cameras installed around the body, the front, back, left, and right, and the wide-angle camera to shoot a 180-degree range to collect the 360-degree scene of the entire body, and merge the pictures captured by the four cameras. After that, it is displayed on the navigation screen of the original car.

With such a god assist, the owner can reverse or drive in a small area. In addition to intuition, he can also make a correct judgment by observing the 360-degree panoramic image of the navigation screen. All blind spots around the body can be seen to avoid accidents. In general, for 360 ° panoramic lens, it is very useful and helps us drive more safely.

The whole car image first appeared on some large-size models, because the blind spot is large, and the surrounding situation cannot be seen clearly when reversing. With the whole car image, it is more intuitive. With the development of technology, with the cost of electronic components has dropped, the 360-degree full-vehicle image has become more and more mature, and it has begun to become popular in various models.

1. What is a panoramic lens

The panoramic camera lens is a car safety configuration. The surrounding cameras collect the images around the vehicle at the same time and transmit the images to the image processing unit. After a series of image processing, a panoramic top view around the vehicle is finally formed and displayed on the screen, which intuitively shows the location and surroundings of the vehicle Happening.

2. The composition of 360-degree vehicle image

Generally speaking, there are four cameras in front of the panoramic image, one in the front of the car, one in the parking space, and one in the mirror on each side. It is used to collect images of the front, side blind area, and rear of the car respectively.

Images need to be transferred to the processing chip and image processing unit for processing, because these cameras use a fisheye wide-angle camera to ensure a large field of view. The captured images are somewhat distorted and require geometric correction. Then the same point in the image is processed by software, the overlapping area of ​​the image at a specific angle is accurately integrated into one, and a 360-degree panoramic view is presented.

3. The advantages of panoramic images

Eliminate blind spots

Most cars have A / B / C pillar blind spots, front / rear blind spots, and rearview mirror blind spots. These blind spots will cause you to see no obstacles, causing scratches. The 360-degree panoramic image eliminates the possibility of being invisible in the blind zone, ensuring the safety of driving and reversing.


Some panoramic cameras also have the function of record storage, which can save the surrounding video when parking and driving. In this way, favorable evidence can be obtained when the parking is scratched or the car is touched.