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Prism&C Lens Polishing


Alpha Optik optical windows are commonly used to isolate two atmospheric regions of an optical system while permitting light to pass. The quality of the window can be critical. It should be with high purity and polish in order not to affect the optical system. When large pressure differences are anticipated across the window extra thickness will be required to hold the flatness and parallelism specifications.

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Cylinder lens polishing

Alpha Optik offer the cylinder lens polishing and coating, include the biconcave, convexo,concave,cylinder tubes and cylinder mirrior, plano convex and the plano-concave.

Prism polishing

Alpha Optik can offer the rectangular prism,roof prism,half pentaprism and other customized prism. With the high precision polishing machine and the over 40 years polishing experence, we can offer the high quality prism to our clients for the different field: digital camera, microscope, scopes, mapping eauipment,laser level… and other opto-electronics products.


Size 3*3­~60*60
Size tolerance ±0.01
90 tolerance 3″­~5″
Other angle tolerance 1′
△N λ/4
Roughness 20-10
Abrasiveness 40-224

Process Equipments: